List of Available Tld's

TLD Registration Price Transfer Price Renewal Price Year/s ZAR89.00 ZAR0.00 ZAR89.00 1
com ZAR259.00 ZAR259.00 ZAR259.00 1
org ZAR229.00 ZAR229.00 ZAR229.00 1
xyz ZAR199.00 ZAR199.00 ZAR199.00 1
joburg ZAR179.00 ZAR179.00 ZAR179.00 1
biz ZAR242.00 ZAR242.00 ZAR242.00 1
co ZAR546.00 ZAR546.00 ZAR546.00 1
net ZAR269.00 ZAR269.00 ZAR269.00 1
info ZAR242.00 ZAR242.00 ZAR242.00 1
mobi ZAR293.00 ZAR293.00 ZAR293.00 1
wiki ZAR486.00 ZAR486.00 ZAR486.00 1
rest ZAR687.00 ZAR687.00 ZAR687.00 1
college ZAR1,266.00 ZAR1,266.00 ZAR1,266.00 1
website ZAR469.00 ZAR469.00 ZAR469.00 1
site ZAR569.00 ZAR569.00 ZAR569.00 1
design ZAR809.00 ZAR809.00 ZAR809.00 1
feedback ZAR519.00 ZAR519.00 ZAR519.00 1
online ZAR349.00 ZAR349.00 ZAR349.00 1
love ZAR119.00 ZAR519.00 ZAR519.00 1
rent ZAR1,649.00 ZAR1,649.00 ZAR1,649.00 1
space ZAR334.00 ZAR334.00 ZAR334.00 1
tech ZAR909.00 ZAR909.00 ZAR909.00 1
africa ZAR203.00 ZAR203.00 ZAR203.00 1
store ZAR1,499.00 ZAR1,499.00 ZAR1,499.00 1
school ZAR861.00 ZAR861.00 ZAR861.00 1

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want people to visit your website, you need a unique domain name that connects them to the server your website lives on. By registering a domain, you make your website easy to find and no one else can claim ownership of your website

Simply search for the name you want to register in the Search Bar, to see if it is available. The search results will let you know if the domain name is available for registration. Finally, click the Add to Cart button to configure the domain name and add it to your cart.

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where multiple sites share a single physical server. This results in less costs for you than buying and maintaining your own server.

All of our hosting plans are packed with awesome features that can help run and grow your business. If you are new to web hosting we recommend trying our free Launch plan to get the ball rolling right away.